A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

In My Fallen Angels, you play as the leader of a search & rescue group called the Angels in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. You start with a team of 5 girls, and must explore the city, scavenge for supplies, upgrade your base, and fend off zombies to survive! The game is a non-linear management sandbox with 3D-rendered narrative scenes.

Features in My Fallen Angles:
Harem of 10 fully implemented Angels
100+ Rendered Scenes (75+ NSFW Scenes)
80+ Dialog Events
Exploration, Scavenging, & Combat Sandbox
Slave Training mechanics for Harley

In addition to leading your girls, you can develop your relationships with them. It's a rough world and you get to decide whether to grow their trust to become their lover, or build their submission to become their master. My Fallen Angels features a user-controlled sex scene system. In addition, there are over 70 HD rendered sex scenes, with many more planned!

If you would like to support  the development of My Fallen Angels, please visit my Patreon Page. My Patrons get continual updates on the game's development and future plans, get to vote in polls to guide the direction of the game's mechanics and characters, and get sneak peaks of upcoming scenes of interest.


MyFallenAngels-1.0.1-pc.zip 831 MB
MyFallenAngels-1.0.1-android.zip 808 MB
MyFallenAngels-1.0.1-mac.zip 796 MB

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Is there a guide or walkthrough available for this game?

can someone tell me how to increase submission?

Loved, loved, loved this game. It's so tidy, well illustrated, and satisfying! I can't tell you how much of a delight it was to find this gem. Is there a pwyw option somewhere? I'm really not big on subscriptions, but I'd love to kick a few bucks towards the dev for such an outstanding effort.


I think your game would improve a lot with animations. Also there's a lot of moments that could use images (or animations) to show what you are describing instead of describing it with text.

I think the sandbox gets in the way of the storytelling. But there's not much to do about it.

The story finishes and we don't know why the Fallen were behaving differently in the end. Was it not important? Maybe pointing it out is enough to give us closure.

The girls are very different but it kinda get lost in the generic interactions.

Sometimes I felt like the sub points were attached to "being a jerk" actions. This is a big no.

When fighting the kidnappers I was using guns, i was pretty sure people were getting killed. But for story purposes they were just "knocked out". This smells like inconsistency. There's no shame in winning by weapon/power superiority, no one wants to get shot.

It was a good journey. Definitively going to the "good" folder.


One of my favorite games on itch. Was glad to see act three. I keep getting an 'exception occurred' message in several places in the game I didn't get in the previous ver.  I can "Ignore" and go on though.  Started a new game it didn't help. And I don't see any difference in the Harley story line or where Act 3 actually begins.  And I'm curious if you removed the shower tab in this version it doesn't come up now in the mornings.

Glad to hear how much you enjoy MFA :) If you could post the full error log of the 'exception occurred' message, that would help me troubleshoot the bug. Act 3 starts immediately after you defeat the Sisterhood and MFA-0.3.0 focused on Harley's training. Finally, the morning shower tab should still be functional after the Angels have agreed to be your harem.

Thanks for for prompt reply, that's another reason for me to like this game, your still interested in it. :)

I'll try to send you a pic of it, I'm not home now. 

 Should the new version be merged or is it stand alone?  Although I think I've tried it both ways.

Thanks again for your quick response.


I really loved the game and found the mix of sanbox simulation, relationsship building and sexual content quite nice. At times the relationship building would feel a bit too mechanistic, as you select the best point-wise interactions to get your stats higher quickly. Still very rewarding, very much content and very diverse girl. I loved that you included some harder BDSM kinks at the end, as you don't see this well done so often. Thanks for all the hard work. I hope we see more content on this one :)

i cannot find the pc download ? 

Thank you for pointing this out! You should be able to download for PC now.

no no thank you ... one of my fav games by far awesome work

MyFallenAngels.sh opens in a text editor for some weird reason.


You likely need to make it executable with the chmod command. I had to make lib/linux-x86_64/MyFallenAngels executable as well and the the game launched fine afterwards.

I can't believe this isn't more popular. I think there's a lot to like here. 

looking forward for the next update!

how does this game work on android?


I have question why android download are zip download not letting me download it

This is awesome 


Glad to hear you're enjoying MFA :)


the savs is not working way